Apex Scientific Inc. was established in 1999, providing prompt and reliable chemical intermediates for biopharmaceutical companies. The laboratory and offices are located in Ronkokonoma, New York. Apex's well-equipped research and development facility in Changzhou, China and production site in Panjin provide chemical intermediates and GMP starting material at the kilogram to tons scale. An additional facility will be operational in mid-2019 to provide GMP material for smaller scale drug substance clinical supply.


Our clients range from large multinational pharmaceutical corporations to new biopharmaceutical companies. We produce chemical intermediates for use in early preclinical studies, clinical studies, and commercial products.
The majority of our products serve as intermediates for GMP starting material for our clients. In these cases, the client will dictate the protocol to manufacture as listed under the clients’ DMF. For clients that require process research expertise or gram quantity material, our laboratories can respond to those specific needs, working together with the client to determine a workable process.
We pride ourselves in being timely, focused, and responsive to clients’ needs, with focused management of material requirements to given time constraints. In certain cases, Apex can entertain in providing intermediates with a compressed time schedules. Please contact us to discuss.


Ronkonkoma, NY. Feasibility studies.
Changzhou, China. R&D facility, 20,000 SQFT GMP laboratory up to 100 L.
Panjin, China Production site, 50L-3000L scale. -70-200C operational range

Plant address: 60# Zonglv Road,, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, 213023